Coventry University Enterprises – SME Funding

Coventry University Enterprises (CUE) focuses on providing support for innovation, design and high performance automotive engineering and has to date supported thousands of Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through specific projects and support programmes.

CUE currently run a number of niche manufacturer support programmes, including:

Electric and Intelligent Vehicles Project

The Electric and Intelligent Vehicles project offers grant support for West Midlands SMEs looking to access expertise relating to intelligent and electric vehicle technologies. This support aims to help businesses to diversify into new and emerging markets; build their knowledge, expertise and capability; and help to attract major new business to the West Midlands.

Grants will cover 40% of the total SME spend which can be between £20,000- £50,000.

Grants must be used to cover the cost of purchasing expertise from established research partners such as Research and Industry organisations or Universities.

Key technology areas supported include:

• Energy management •

•  Energy systems •

• Electric power system •

• Power electronics •

• Electronic systems architecture •

• Electronic drive train design and integration •

• Hybrid ICE powertrain design and integration •

•Electric vehicle energy optimisation •

For further details on the grant and the application process please e-mail Suzi Archer on or call 024 7623 6326.

Technology and Innovation Futures West Midlands (TIFWM)

The Technology and Innovation Futures West Midlands project helps qualifying companies examine existing technologies, investigate new solutions and implement change. Whether it is at the leading edge or simply a new technology solution for your company.

The projects offers up to 10 days worth of consultancy support to West Midlands SMEs who are looking to improve their technology, including:

• Design and Rapid Prototyping with specific support available for companies looking to develop new products or improve existing ones, through 3D Printing/Additive Layer Manufacturing, allowing them to quickly take early ideas to concept •

• Support to companies looking to modernise their manufacturing processes allowing them to improve efficiency and reduce costs •

• Providing support around quality control and measurement (Metrology) to ensure that products confirm to strict EU regulations. This can also provide large scale cost savings by ensuring that machinery and equipment is running to its optimum level •

• Supporting projects identifying and implementing new software/hardware •

For further details of this grant and the application process please contact Harvi Dhamrat on 07974 984 105 or via


The University is also running a new ERDF project called EcoBusiness which can help companies in the following ways:

• Saving cost on energy, transport and materials •

• Gaining competitive advantage from sustainability •

• Compliance with new and emerging legislation •

• Reaching new eco markets •

• Waste and emissions management •

The grants for this programme work in the following ways:

• Up to a 50% grant for 2 days of consultancy •

• Up to a 50% grant for a further 4 days of consultancy •

• £2,400 grant if £7,000 or more spent •

For further details of this grant and the application process please contact Harvi Dhamrat on 07974 984 105 or via