We are one of the largest and most diverse cluster of niche vehicle producers in the world.

The Niche Vehicle Network

The network is characterised by low volume production, specialised components, bespoke body and chassis and (in the case of sports cars) a significant proportion of hand-built or hand-finished parts companies.

One area of significant activity within the network is the manufacture of niche premium brand vehicles and sports cars, such as Aston Martin, Morgan Motor Company, Westfield Sports Cars, Elemental Group, Briggs Automotive Company, Ariel Limited and Great British Sportscars.  Our members also include a number of specialist light and heavy commercial vehicle (from trucks and vans) manufacturers, such as Ashwoods (hybrid-electric vans) and Dennis Eagle (refuse trucks), as well as brand leaders in the motorcycle industry, including Norton, Red Cougar and Saietta Group.

Along with the above vehicle manufacturers, our membership also includes a wide range of component and system manufacturers, design and engineering companies including the likes of Delta Motorsport, Surface Transforms, FAR UK, Advanced Innovative Engineering Ltd, Penso, KS Composites, Warwick Control Technologies, Hyperdrive Innovation, TotalSim UK, Reynolds Technologies and Simpact Engineering.

Niche vehicle manufacturers operate within a well-established and well-defined UK and (in many cases) global market, and have also developed some unique capabilities (such as speed of reaction to specific customer demand). However, many do find it hard to expand into overseas markets due to different requirements of homologation. This makes exporting and overseas expansion cost prohibitive. Whilst a considerable amount of innovation comes from these niche companies, the risks attached to a full R&D effort and subsequent type approval for a single company can stop them investing and act as a barrier to growth.

Supporting The Niche Vehicle Sector

The Niche Vehicle Network aims to promote and stimulate R&D collaboration, in order to give niche companies the ability to not only react to new regulations, innovate and share knowledge but to gain an economy of scale that will allow growth in the lucrative overseas markets.

The niche manufacturers are served by a significant SME supply base of specialist companies where craft skills remain prevalent. There is significant potential for collaboration and integration within this sector, including opportunities for joint procurement of common parts, shared quality systems and even shared assembly facilities.

Companies can explore these opportunities by participating in the Niche Vehicle Network, which offers a vibrant forum for the sharing of knowledge and formulating of collaborative approaches, demonstrating the passion and innovation that is alive and well in the UK niche vehicle industry.

To download a copy of our brochure, which provides additional information on the innovation and networking support available through the Niche Vehicle Network and details of some of our funded research projects please click the link below.

2017 Niche Vehicle Network brochure