Vehicle Aerodynamic Benchmarking

The Niche Vehicle Network partners with MIRA to offer members use of their Full Scale Wind Tunnel.

Since 2009 the Network have partnered with MIRA to offer our members access to their Full Scale Wind Tunnel to enable the undertaking of vehicle aerodynamic benchmarking activities, with an experienced aerodynamicist on hand to help steer aerodynamic developments.

Each round of Niche Vehicle aerodynamic benchmarking sessions provide a total of 2 hours of aerodynamic support to successful niche vehicle manufacturers.

Each two hour session would involve:

Up to 30 min set up time

min 1 hour testing of various vehicle set ups

Vehicle removal

A MIRA consultant will be present to examine and interpret the results that are being seen within the tests and associated data. The consultant will be there to help guide the participants as to where any issues may lie with the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

To apply for a place at our next aerodynamics test day please email [email protected] with the following details:

Company Name

Contact details

Vehicle to be tested

Benefits of testing

The results of our session are very positive and the overarching conclusion by all manufacturers who have taken part to date part was that in a relatively short period of time, they could see impressive results.  Major gains have been achieved through simple modifications and in some cases, it was the first time that a particular vehicle had undergone aerodynamic testing.