Niche Vehicle Feasibility Competition

Sponsored by Innovate UK and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), the annual Niche Vehicle Feasibility Competition provides SMEs and micro companies active in the low carbon vehicle technology sector with grant funding of up to £25,000 to undertake desk-top research activities aimed at catalysing innovative low carbon vehicle technologies applicable to non-human powered road-going and off-highway vehicles within the following technology categories:

  • Lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures
  • Electric machines and power electronics
  • Energy storage and energy management
  • Disruptive low emission vehicle technologies
  • Reduced emissions from internal combustion engines
  • Aerodynamics development
  • Digital innovation in low volume manufacturing

The call for applications for grant funded feasibility studies will open on the 1st September 2018.

Applications are invited from innovative UK micro companies and SMEs, including vehicle manufacturers, technology companies and specialist suppliers.

Funding Eligibility

  • Only 1 application per company
  • The applicant must be a UK SME or Micro Business active in the UK low carbon vehicle technology sector
  • The applicant must submit the bid and manage the project
  • Projects must be business-led and address the specific requirements of the competition
  • Projects need not be collaborative
  • All R&D must be undertaken in the UK
  • A clear ‘route to market’ for the end-product must be identified, with a focus on the UK niche vehicle sector
  • Eligible costs include labour, overheads (at 85%), materials, capital depreciation, subcontracting, consumables
  • All grant claims must be submitted within FY 2017-18
  • Project duration: up to 3 months

Grant Funding Metric

  • Maximum grant per project: £25,000
  • Maximum grant intervention rate: 75%