Liverpool, Thursday 10th January 2019

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has officially joined forces with Pirelli, announcing the Italian giant as its new tyre partner at Autosport International 2019.

BAC – the Liverpool-based manufacturer behind the highly acclaimed Mono – has been working directly with Pirelli through an 18-month development process to produce the perfect range of tyres for the world’s only single-seater, road-legal supercar.

Pirelli’s road-going motorsport tyre, the P Zero Trofeo R, has been specially homologated for Mono in sizes 205/45-17 (front) and 255/40-17 (rear). Created as part of Pirelli’s ‘perfect fit’ strategy, the tyre enhances Mono’s characteristics and delivers the best performance, handling and safety possible. These tyres carry special markings on the sidewalls, denoting that the tyre has been developed specifically for the BAC Mono.

Slick and wet options are also available in sizes 200/600-17 (front) and 245/620-17 (rear), having also undergone extensive testing around the world in a wide range of conditions for perfect track driving results.

All three sets of tyres were designed and constructed by Pirelli to ensure Mono continues to deliver the ultimate driving experience whether on the road or attacking the circuit.

The partnership announcement was made at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, by Pirelli’s Head of Car Racing Mario Isola, Pirelli UK Motorsport Manager Jonathan Wells and BAC Co-Founders Neill and Ian Briggs.

Pirelli has worked with a number of high-profile brands to produce bespoke tyre arrangements, but the ultra-lightweight, ultra-high-performance proposition of Mono brought about a unique challenge.

Pirelli entered into an unprecedented level of detail to produce the bespoke tyres for BAC, ensuring the driver can access the full performance potential of Mono without compromise – all the while meeting worldwide regulations.

Neill Briggs commented: “At BAC, we pride ourselves on setting the bar and being the best in the business – and being the best means working with the best! We’re thrilled to officially partner with Pirelli, who left no stone unturned throughout the long development process to produce three truly perfect sets of tyres for Mono. Mono is famed for offering the most authentic and pure driving experience possible, and joining forces with Pirelli means we can continue to deliver the goods on the road and track.”

Pirelli’s Mario Isola added:  “We’ve been able to use many of the lessons from motorsport when it comes to developing the perfect tyre for this race car for the road. We were able to adapt the Trofeo R to meet the needs of the BAC Mono in just 18 months, whereas the process for original equipment homologation usually takes around three years. We hope this tyre will give BAC customers the perfect platform to make the most of their Mono; a taste of Formula 1 that can be enjoyed both on the road and the track.”

Key Statistics

Maximum speed: 170mph

0-60mph: 2.7 seconds

Maximum Power: 305bhp

Maximum Torque: 308Nm

Dry Weight: 580kg

Power-to-weight ratio: 525bhp per tonne

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