Call for evidence on emissions from brakes, tyres and roads

Defra have published a call for evidence on emissions from brakes, tyres and roads at:

The purpose of this call for evidence is to gather evidence on these non-exhaust emissions, to review estimates of their contribution to air pollution, to develop forecasts for how they will evolve in the future, and to identify concrete actions the UK Government might take to generate a step change in work in this area and understand the policies that might support that work.

The evidence gathered will inform the government’s final Clean Air Strategy, which will be published for later this year, following the current consultation, and also inform the marine strategy. The evidence will also be shared with the Air Quality Expert Group, a Defra advisory body, which is reviewing these emission sources to provide advice on how to address them.

Defra are particularly interested in evidence which will help us understand and quantify the true scale of the problem and also identify any potential abatement methods, new technologies or opportunities for innovation in this area.

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