DfT Consultation – Road Vehicles – Improving air quality and safety

The Department for Transport have released a consultation on improving air quality and safety, including the proposal for changes to the End-of-Series derogations for the introduction of World Light vehicle Test Procedure and Real Driving Emissions.

The consultation can be found at the link below:


This consultation deals with several different areas:

  1. Proposed new offence of supplying new vehicles fitted with a defeat device (all vehicle categories)
  2. Proposals around provision of consumer information on fuel consumption (light duty vehicles certified to WLTP)
  3. Proposed changes to emissions standards for new vehicles using national schemes (introduction of Euro VI for heavy duty vehicles, WLTP for light duty vehicles, including multi-stage vehicles, approval of hydrogen dual fuel and heavy duty range extenders)
  4. Proposed changes to safety standards for new vehicles using national schemes (heavy goods vehicles and buses over 8 tonnes Рfitment of Lane Departure Warning Systems and Advanced Emergency Braking Systems; heavy goods vehicles Рfitment of UNECE R46 mirrors; tipper lorries Рfitment of UNECE R58 rear under-run devices; safety  of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles)
  5. Changes to end-of-series derogations (light duty vehicles not certified to WLTP and RDE); VCA publication of manufacturers applying for derogations for which subjects and for how many vehicles)
  6. Other administrative changes, including implementation of the latest NSSTA limits, updating to the latest version of 2007/46, trailer entry into service, very low volume vehicles, replacement rather than duplicate IVA certificates, revision to DVSA IVA manuals (all vehicle categories)
  7. EU Exit considerations

Responses to this consultation should be returned by the 1st March.

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