Microcab partners in EU €12.3 million Circular Economy project

Microcab is very pleased to announce its involvement as partner in this new pan-European project with 27 partners across 12 countries. The project, with a budget of €12.3 million, runs for four years from 2017 to 2021 and is part of the H2020 Research and Innovation funding platform.

John Jostins, CEO, said: “Many in the UK R&D community see the Brexit process as an unwelcome distraction so to win a major EU project now gives us an important bridge of continuity at a time when our future relationship to Europe remains unclear.”

ECOBULK, through a large scale demonstration effort will contribute to “closing the loop” of composite products in the automotive, furniture and building sectors by promoting greater re-use, upgrade, refurbishment and recycle of products, parts and materials. It will bring opportunities for both the environment and the economy by offering business opportunities along the entire new defined supply and value chains. ECOBULK approach will be based on identifying and promoting commonalities in processes, technologies, products and services ensuring replicability and transferability to other industrial sectors.

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