Niche Tech Talk at Autosport 2017

Innovation within the niche automotive sector to be discussed at Autosport 2017.

Held at Autosport International at 1pm on Friday 13th January, in conjunction with Race Tech magazine, our short seminar will focus on race car technology which is finding its way into high performance UK-designed road cars.

Our speakers include:

  • Alan Jenkins, CTO at Briggs Automotive Company, explaining how F1 and race car technology has been harnessed in the design and development of the Mono
  • Paul Faithfull, MD at Potenza Technology, on how Formula E battery and motor technology is contributing to the development of high performance EV and hybrid road cars
  • Simon Saunders, owner of Ariel Motor Company, with John Iley from TotalSim Ltd, on how advanced race-derived aerodynamics can play a part in supercar design.

The seminar is only 30 minutes but promises to be packed with fascinating technical insights and is free to attend – don’t miss it!

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