Niche Vehicle Network

Proof of Concept / 2020

Moke Lightweight Sustainable Body


MOKE International is a UK Company that has been manufacturing virtually the same vehicle for over 60 years - that is about to change!

MOKE, with its partners, will develop a new MOKE vehicle utilising the world's most cutting edge materials used in the niche vehicle segment to create a class leading sustainable, safe and light weight monocoque used across new Electric and ICE (Euro6) powertrain options

This exciting program is part of a whole vehicle redesign that will deliver a next generation MOKE capable of being the foundation on which the companies continuing journey can be built.

Proof of Concept / 2020

BoScoot E Scooter Proof of Concept Prototype Development


Following a successful NVN-funded Feasibility Study, the innovative BoScoot personal mobility product is progressing to Proof of Concept.

The aim is to deploy the best of UK design and engineering innovation to deliver a combination of mule and prototype E-Scooters which significantly raise the bar for low emission micro-mobility hardware.

Based on route-to-market understanding developed through the Feasibility Study, BoScoot Proof of Concept will prove out the technical and commercial concepts for a new generation of desirable, high-quality BoScoot micro-mobility products. The BoScoot is positioned to move sector emphasis away from ultra-low cost, low quality design and manufacture.

Proof of Concept / 2020

Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System for Light Marine Vessels


“HyMarine” is a collaboration between EP Barrus, Hypermotive and HPi CEproof to develop a hydrogen fuel cell battery hybrid powerplant for light marine applications and demonstrate on a mule vessel. This powerplant will provide a zero-emissions, low-noise, low-maintenance alternative to the ubiquitous marinised diesel helping deliver against the UK’s Clean Maritime Plan. Barrus are the UK’s leading provider of marine powerplants. Hypermotive are one of the UK’s most experienced fuel cell and battery system integrators. HPi CEproof are the only Notified Body in the UK licensed to certify small marine craft for the European market as well as Pressure Equipment.

Proof of Concept / 2020

MUSTReCaB (Morris Ultralight Structural Thermoplastic Recycled Carbon Body Project)


The MUSTReCaB project builds upon previous successful feasibility study and proof of concept research projects to deliver an ultra-lightweight solution for producing complex, feature rich load bearing structural panels in reinforced recycled thermoplastic carbon fibre.

The project will develop a material and production process for cost effectively manufacturing lightweight thermoplastic matrix recycled carbon fibre panels capable of being used in structural and semi-structural applications.

Production approaches catering for one off parts through niche to high volume requirements will be considered, with the technology being demonstrated with prototype components manufactured and integrated onto a prototype zero emission Morris Commercial delivery vehicle.

Proof of Concept / 2020

FAST: Full 4-quadrant Active Suspension Technology


In this project the consortium will develop, simulate and bench test a prototype lightweight active suspension system, capable of high bandwidth dynamic ride height, spring rate and damping control. Aston Martin Lagonda will set requirements, Cranfield University will carry out CAE simulation and optimisation, and Domin Fluid Power will design, manufacture and test an integrated, Additive Manufactured active suspension unit to TRL5.

Proof of Concept / 2020



RIFT64 is a 64-120kW traction motor development that builds on our existing 10-30kW (TRL8) project to bring the market a high-powered ultra-efficient electric drive with advantages of: significant weight reduction, lower cost and efficiencies that result in a range increase of up to 75%, plus other benefits.

The consortium of RIFT Technology, MCP and BradshawEV brings together innovation, production expertise, customer knowledge and route to market. This leads to a strong project to prove the concept of the RIFT64 motor and its suitability for the Electric Utility Vehicle market. Collaboration is expected to nurture existing commercial relationships between the parties.

Proof of Concept / 2020

Solid State Storage Heat Exchanger 'S3HE'


The ability to provide suitable levels of passenger comfort in electric vehicles in cold conditions, whilst minimising the reduction in zero emission range, continues to be an industry challenge. Sunamp, Bergstrom and Horiba MIRA will develop an efficient cabin heating solution for electric vehicles. Our solution is to use advanced high temperature solid state Phase Change Material (PCM) integrated into the vehicle HVAC air handling system to provide a more efficient solution to electrical heating or heat pumps. Additional benefits would be to speed up the immediate cabin heating and windscreen demisting giving drivers improved comfort and safety.

Proof of Concept / 2020

Lightweight composite structures for hydrogen storage systems


Hydrogen and fuel cell engineering specialist Arcola Energy will work with composites manufacturer Permali and the National Composites Centre to develop lightweight systems for on-board hydrogen storage. As well as helping to unlock zero-emission heavy-duty transport the project will form the basis of a UK supply chain for hydrogen storage systems.

Proof of Concept / 2020

Enabling Simulation for Niche Vehicle Manufacturers


Niche Vehicle Manufacturers (NVMs) are presented with significant barriers when trying to adopt simulation into their design processes. The ‘Enabling Simulation’ project will work towards allowing SME automotive manufacturers to undertake best practice aerodynamic and electric motor thermal management simulations using cloud-based software.

Project partners TotalSim and Electrical Cooling Solutions will take their respective Computational Fluid Dynamics and electric motor simulation software and develop them for deployment on the cloud for use by NVMs.

The combined platform will be tested and validated by Ariel Limited as a part of the development of the next generation of the Nomad off-road car

Proof of Concept / 2020

Niobium enhanced lightweight vehicle chassis and suspension systems


Niobium is a naturally occurring element (no.41), readily available, reliable, soft metal that is ductile, malleable and highly resistant to corrosion. Because it enhances structural properties and functionality, Niobium is used in a wide range of materials and applications in the Aerospace, Architectural and Energy sectors.

Based on successful completion of a recent study into the use of Niobium enhanced metals for automotive light-weighting, the consortium has already established the technical feasibility of their concept for a Niobium enhanced lightweight vehicle chassis and suspension systems and aims to develop and produce structural prototype systems demonstrated on a BAC Mono vehicle.