Niche Vehicle Network

Production Readiness / 2023

SWIFTY GO – Setting a New Standard in E-Scooter Safety


This project addresses two common problems within the e-scooter industry; rider safety and product lifespan. This project will accelerate the development of the new UK made SwiftyGO e-scooter that is optimised for superior rider safety. The design and engineering of SwiftyGO guarantees a long product lifespan by way of premium build quality and enabling fix and repair within both the frame design and battery design. These factors offer significant benefits in terms of Net Zero at vehicle level, at consumer level, and for the e-scooter industry as a whole.

Production Readiness / 2023

Zero Emission for Low Volume 3


Having proved the concept of a lightweight high performance zero emission Ariel Nomad using a highly optimised powertrain through the successful completion of the ‘ZELV2’ Proof of Concept study, this project aims to advance the battery technology and vehicle control systems previously developed and optimise the manufacturing methods towards a state of pre-production readiness in preparation for exploitation to the low volume niche vehicle market. Ariel Electric Limited and Rockfort Engineering Limited will now partner with BAMD Composites to develop a lightweight aerodynamic body that improves vehicle efficiency while reducing environmental impact over the vehicle’s whole lifecycle.

Production Readiness / 2023

Lightweight, Rapid-charge, Electric CALLUM ATV


CALLUM are leading a consortium with Nyobolt and Codem Composites to deliver a lightweight, rapid charge, HV electric ATV with a view of creating a product that not only equals but betters the performance attributes of the ICE dominated ATVs on the market.
The project will build on the sub-pack battery and composite space frame chassis to prove out the whole vehicle, developing the battery, chassis, sustainable composite body and EV Powertrain.

Production Readiness / 2023

Removable Battery System for Lightweight Electric Motorcycle


Maeving is the UK's first electric motorcycle company. Their first motorcycle, the RM1, launched in April 2022 and is now the number one selling electric motorcycle in the UK. Maeving are developing a new, higher energy density removable battery with improved thermal performance to accelerate their growth and launch their international expansion. The project will move their battery production from a Far Eastern to a UK based supplier, Alexander Technologies, supporting their ambition to make Britain a leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles.

Production Readiness / 2022

EV Beach Buggy


Hall Engineering And Design, Pie Valley Buggies and Ecoclassics are teaming up to produce an electric beach buggy. Unlike the original, this beach buggy will be brand new and have no old VW Beetle parts. The vehicle uses new suspension uprights, double wishbones, modern rack-and-pinion steering, integrated hubs, large ventilated disc brakes and a stiff perimeter-frame-plus-backbone steel chassis. An integrated 160 kW motor/gearbox/differential/inverter unit will be powered by a battery pack with 8 1P12S 44V modules giving 350V and 19kWh, which will provide a 90 to 100 mile range. This project is about fun in a sustainable, durable vehicle.

Production Readiness / 2022



Niche vehicle manufacturers and new market entrants face high development and piece costs. This project aims to mitigate this by bringing to market a generic front-end drive module suitable for sub-A segment M1 passenger, and L category vehicles with a two wheel front axle.

“Out-of-the-box” the bolt-on front-end drive module incorporates an e-axle with integrated inverter, braking, steering, suspension and crash-worthiness. All components will be size and mass appropriate for these smaller vehicles, offering a quicker route to market for light-weight energy efficient vehicles.

By leveraging the partner companies' innovations a cost effective, high energy efficiency module will be produced.

Production Readiness / 2022

HELAR - High Efficiency Lightweight Aero Rim


The HELAR project will develop the design and manufacturing of affordable, fully composite aerodynamically efficient automotive wheels which combine lightweighting and low drag in the component where it has the biggest impact on both the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. This combination tackles the largest contributors to efficiency for both the low speed stop/start city driving (inertia) as well as the high speed cruise (drag). This will be a major enabler for significant range extension for both passenger and commercial BEV and FCEV vehicles.

Production Readiness / 2022

Amphibious e-ATV for Fire & Rescue, Agriculture and Documentary Making


Our consortium is an unusual mix of companies that have come together out of necessity to solve a problem. Whinwhistle Ltd are a fishery, agriculture and recreation business who need amphibious vehicles and cannot use ICE versions due to noise and water pollution. iNetic Ltd are an EV systems company who can supply the electric drive train for such a vehicle and want to become a niche e-ATV OEM. Customised Composites Ltd are a composite manufacturer who can supply the chassis and body for the e-ATV. We have interest in the product from Fire & Rescue and documentary makers.

Production Readiness / 2020

The QXS-E1 Motor – a Compact, Rugged 35kW Motor for Electric Motorcycles


The QXS-E1 motor is a compact, rugged 35 kW electric motor being developed by Edge Mobility. Designed to fit tight packaging volumes with its novel integrated liquid cooling system, it is an ideal solution for manufacturers of both electric motorcycle and other small vehicles.

In collaboration with Brace Technology and Xi Engineering, the goal of this Niche Vehicle Network R&D project is to prepare the QXS-E1 motor for production by taking it through a series of virtual simulations and physical tests before integrating it into an electric motorcycle and scooter for in-vehicle demonstrations.

Production Readiness / 2020

Clipper Cab Electric Taxi Production Readiness


Clipper Automotive and partners aim to make significant improvements to the air quality in our towns and cities by converting diesel taxis to be 100% electric. Taxis are the biggest single polluting vehicle type in UK cities.

We have designed a system to retrofit London taxis with fully electric drive-train and have built a working prototype. The project will now build a production ready version of a zero-emissions retrofitted London black cab, bring this to market, carrying out real-world tests. We will also complete a full application to TfL for regulatory approval to operate these as licensed cabs in London.