Routes to Market

The Niche Vehicle Network is committed to helping its members expand their sales within the UK and overseas markets.

We work closely with the SMMT, VCA, DfT, DIT and other relevant government bodies to promote niche businesses both within the UK and abroad and attract inward investment to the UK niche vehicle sector.

Click on the links below to read more about vehicle type approval, homologation and DIT help for exporters.

  • Vehicle Type Approval

    Within Europe there are two systems of type approval. One is based around EC Directives and provides for the approval of whole vehicles, vehicle systems, and separate components. The other is based around United Nations Economic Community for Europe regulations and provides for approval of vehicle systems and separate components, but not whole vehicles.
  • EU Type Approval Regulations

    The requirement for EC type-approval for access to the internal market used to apply to private cars, motorcycles, mopeds and agricultural tractors. The European Union is extending this system to all categories of motor vehicles designed and constructed in one or more stages for use on the road and also to the systems, components and separate technical units designed and constructed for such vehicles.
  • Type Approval Matrix

    Research by MIRA, funded by the Network, was undertaken to enable our Members to gain an understanding of the official approval requirements for M1 category vehicles in a range of global markets, particularly for individual vehicle and low volume export options. As part of this research a searchable matrix was created to enable Members to search out the type approval options available for a range of countries.
  • Supplier Directory

    While the Niche Vehicle Network is not able to provide advice on Vehicle Type Approval & Homologation, a number of our registered members are specialist advisers in this field. To access their details, please search our Supplier Directory.



Department for International Trade (DIT) Support

The DIT helps businesses export and grow into global markets by providing access to a regional network of international trade specialists across the UK which:

  • Help businesses acquire the skills, contacts and confidence to start exporting or to break into new markets
  • Work closely with our global network of DIT advisers, to ensure UK businesses are given the best advice about exporting to their chosen destinations

For more details about how the Department for International Trade can help you, log on to their websites at:

Department for International Trade

Exporting in GREAT