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The Niche Vehicle Research & Development Programme (NVN)

Morgan 3 Wheeler launched Geneva 2011The Niche Vehicle Network is an independent association of over 100 niche vehicle manufacturers, specialist technology companies and supply chain. Established in 2005, the Network is free to join and all events free to attend.  Any relevant company can apply but members must be accepted by the NVN Executive and meet the membership criteria. Email us for more details

Supported by the Technology Strategy Board, the Office for Low Emission Vehicle and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills the Niche Vehicle R&D Programme provides support and grant funding to groups of UK companies active in the niche vehicle sector.

It promotes the development and application of new technology, by bringing together independent vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, automotive technology companies and HEIs, to collaborate on the innovative application of technologies in low-volume vehicle production.  Since its inception in 2008, the programme has been a catalyst for over 104 different business collaborations and has assisted the development of 11 prototype vehicles and 3 process improvement projects. 

Picture - the Morgan 3 Wheeler launched at Geneva 2011

The programme is  managed by Cenex, Centre of Excellence in Low Carbon & Fuel Cell Technologies.

Read more about our projects and some completed vehicles developed as part of our research and development programme.

Login to the NVN members area which contains more information not accessible to the general public. 

If you would like to be a member please register via our application form to access members resources, sign up for events and more.


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