Niche Vehicle Network

EV North - Consortium Building Workshop

Delve a little deeper into the area of funding and how to ensure your company is ready to seize funding call opportunities.

Funding can offer your business the opportunity to develop industry-changing or disruptive ideas. These can be for a new product, service or process, or an unprecedented use for an existing one that takes it above and beyond what’s currently available. But, how many businesses are ready to take on these funding opportunities or even know how to find them?!

Join this Consortium Building Workshop, organised by EV North, to delve a little deeper into the area of funding. Hear about the current open funding calls and those expected, learn more about how funding works and how to structure finances, as well as finding partners to build a consortium.

The session will end with a 'speed dating' style consortium building Pitchfest. Bring your funding ideas to the floor to share with prospective partners, or simply pitch your company and the capability you can offer to another consortium.


  • Funding landscape and opportunities - George Filip, Knowledge Transfer Manager, KTN

  • A practical guide of how funding works - Ryan Maughan, EV North

  • The role of Driving the Electric Revolution (DER) Centres

  • Consortium Building Pitchfest

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