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Funded projects must aim to support the growth and competitiveness of the UK zero emission niche vehicle technology sector, and our current projects demonstrate accelerated development of technologies based around one or more of the following areas:

  • Electric machines and power electronics

  • Energy storage and energy management systems

  • Fuel cells and associated systems

  • On-board hydrogen storage

  • Lightweight vehicle body, chassis and powertrain structures

  • Aerodynamics for improved energy efficiency

  • Other disruptive zero carbon vehicle technologies


Feasibility Study

The Niche Vehicle Zero Emission PLV Feasibility Studies Competition provides grant funding to undertake desktop research and/or preliminary investigation activities aimed at supporting the accelerated development of innovative vehicle technologies applicable to road going Zero Emission Powered Light Vehicles (PLV).

Feasibility Study projects can be up to 3 months in duration.


Proof of Concept

Funded by Innovate UK, delivered by the Niche Vehicle Network with support from Cenex.

The Competition is open to niche vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers and design/engineering or technology organisations active in the UK specialist and low volume manufacturing sector who wish to collaborate on innovative, industry-led projects that support the transition to zero emission transportation.

Proof of Concept projects can be up to 5 months in duration.


Production Readiness

Funded jointly by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC UK) and Innovate UK, the Production Readiness Competition is open to niche vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, and design/engineering or technology organisations, active in the UK specialist and low volume manufacturing sector, who wish to collaborate on innovative, industry-led projects.

Applicants must be able to evidence that an appropriate stage of development or technology readiness has already been achieved to meet the project entry criteria. For Production Readiness projects, the consortium should already have demonstrated the concept at first mule or prototype level and are now aiming to take it towards a production-intent level, including demonstration on a zero emission UK niche vehicle.

Production Readiness projects can be up to 9 months in duration.

How to Apply

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All applications must be submitted online through the Niche Vehicle Network Funding Gateway in the Members Portal. This contains full guidance on how to apply, together with links to provide specific help if required.

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