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This financial backing will support its mission to clear some of the biggest obstacles to widespread electric scooter adoption by providing cutting-edge smart charging technology and safe public storage. Development of this technology will facilitate longer e-scooter trips, enable the uptake of personal e-scooters across the UK upon legalisation and reduce environmental battery waste. Project Pollen aims to support the progression to zero emission vehicles by developing a universal e-scooter charging solution deployed in smart lockers across UK cities. The project seeks to develop a proof-of-concept, which includes a smart protocol to improve e-scooter battery health.

Honeycomb’s vision to kickstart the electric vehicle revolution and support the UK’s transition towards a zero-emission transport future is shifting from a dream to a reality. The deployment of Honeycomb charging in UK cities could avoid 464tCO2 annually by 2025, converting 33% of journeys under 5-miles!