Niche Vehicle Network

Project Nectar is the next step in Honeycomb R&D – adapting our universal, smart charging, e-scooter chargers for e-bikes. Honeycomb chargers use cutting-edge research to improve battery lifetimes. This study lays the foundations for a proof-of-concept solution to support the already-large UK market of over 474,000 e-bike users. This will take the form of a smart charger retrofitted onto existing cycle-storage infrastructure. Honeycomb e-bike charging could avoid 318,000tCO2 and 398tNO2 by year-5 (2027) through supporting a modal shift of 7% of car journeys to e-bike and e-cargo-bike trips. Even when factoring in all life-cycle energy vectors, e-bikes emit 92% fewer emissions than fossil fuel cars over the same distance.

This research has been supported by a grant from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) through the Niche Vehicle Network.

For more information about Honeycomb, visit their website.