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Developed by a consortium of British companies and co-funded by Innovate UK, delivered by the Niche Vehicle Network with the support from Cenex. The SO1O bike concept demonstrates the UK’s leading capabilities in zero emission vehicle development.

Technology Themes

The primary technology theme for this project has been light weighting. The main objective for the proof-of-concept project was to create a concept demonstrator vehicle that has lightweight vehicle body, chassis and powertrain structure that gives a significant vehicle-level benefit to range extension within the current limitations driven by electric power-assisted bicycle regulation (e.g., 250W continuous power motor).

The Concept

Unveiling a bold new chapter in urban transportation, we proudly introduce the SO1O Bike - an innovative four-wheel electric pedelec poised to reshape the way we navigate the dynamic streets of our cities. With its fusion of advanced technology and thoughtful design, the SO1O Bike presents an elegant solution to the challenges of congestion and pollution, catering to urban commuters and families seeking a smarter, greener mode of transportation.

SO1O Concept

Designed for the Urbanite

With the UK cargo bike sales set to increase by up to 60% next year, the SO1O Bike has been engineered to cater to urban commuters yearning for a faster, greener way to move around the city. It's an ideal companion for parents seeking a sustainable alternative for the school run, transforming everyday transportation into a seamless experience.

A Technological Triumph: The SO1O Bike sets a benchmark in lightweight ingenuity, weighing a mere 115 kg, presenting a substantial leap ahead of its market counterparts.

A Glimpse into the Future: Though the SO1O Bike stands as a concept demonstrator for now, active discussions are underway with prominent bike share operators to explore its viability as a ground-breaking sharing concept in urban landscapes.

This marks a pivotal stride towards democratising this visionary urban mobility solution for a wider audience. Amidst escalating congestion and environmental concerns, the SO1O Bike emerges as a transformative force uniting technology, sustainability, and practicality.

Addressing Urban Challenges:

  • Tackling Congestion: With the average car speed in central London hovering at a sluggish 7 mph, the SO1O Bike offers a game-changing solution. Its pedal assist capability propels riders at speeds of up to 25 kph, enabling swift manoeuvrability through congested urban environments.

  • Non-Seasonal: The dynamic body panels on the SO1O bike provide year-round weather protection, so commuters don’t need to worry about getting caught out in the rain.

  • Combatting Pollution: Championing environmental stewardship, the SO1O Bike is a zero- emission marvel, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier urban ecosystem.

Distinctive Advantages:

  • Versatility Redefined: Embodying year-round practicality, the SO1O Bike boasts ample cargo space and the capacity to accommodate two children in the back, redefining family outings and school trips.

  • Elevated Safety: Engineered for superior visibility and stability, the SO1O Bike assures impact protection, elevating safety for both riders and passengers.

  • Mastering Urban Infrastructure: Its lightweight and compact design empowers the SO1O Bike to leverage bus lanes and cycle routes, slashing travel time and augmenting convenience.

  • Seamless Pedal by Wire Innovation: Seamlessly transition between forward and reverse movements with the SO1O Bike's cutting-edge pedal by wire technology, adding a fresh dimension to urban commuting.

  • IoT Integration for Enhanced Security: Equipped with state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the SO1O Bike can be remotely monitored and tracked via GPS, fostering rider confidence.

The Consortium

The SO1O bike was developed by a consortium made up of SO1O Ventures, Prodrive Engineering and Astheimer Design. All three parties provided complementary skill sets and have experience working together on several highly successful commercial programs.

SO1O Ventures is a rising star in the startup cosmos, rich in commercial acumen, especially within the domain of vehicle sharing. Their depth of insight has provided a pragmatic edge to the project, infusing it with the essence of real-world viability.

Prodrive is famous for building world championship winning racing and rally cars however, in more recent years Prodrive has also been responsible for other mobility projects such as the Hummingbird, the world’s lightest folding bicycle.

Prodrive, and its Advanced Technology business in particular, is renowned for its ability to fast track the development and creation of early Technology Readiness Level (TRL) proofs of concept to mid-TRL, physical demonstrators.

Astheimer is a world class design house with significant experience in the micromobility sector, working on vehicle design through to A class surfacing and prototype manufacture.

Technical Specification

Continuous rate power


Top speed (electric assisted)


Number of batteries

1 (Option to add a second)

Batter voltage


Batter capacity







4-wheel disc brakes

Parking break


Reverse gear


Number of wheels/tires



20' puncture proof

Turning circle



Integrated LED light system; front & rear

Brake light/Turning indicators


Side mirrors/Bell/Alarm


Tamper sensors



Integrated IOT

NFC phone charging dock





How fast does it go?
The SO1O bike has electric pedal assist up to 25kph.

What is the range from one battery?
The bike has a 900Wh battery that gives it a range of approximately 50 miles on one charge.

Does it have reverse?
Yes, the SO1O bike has a very advanced pedal by wire system, which means it can go forwards and backwards, with no chain maintenance.

Why is the SO1O bike considered safer than a traditional two-wheel bike?
The SO1O bike is considered safer because it is more visible to other road users, it’s four wheels make it more stable, and its structure provides better protection from impact.

Where can I buy one?
Unfortunately, the SO1O bike is not in production yet, but please do get in touch if you would like to register your interest.

Contact Information


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