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Unlike traditional e-scooters, the Swifty GO GT500 has achieved certification as a Stand-On Moped within the L1e category by the DVSA, underscoring its compliance with stringent safety and regulatory standards. This distinction positions the Swifty GO GT500 as a pioneering force in the e-scooter industry, demonstrating a commitment to both innovation and safety.

With transport being the largest contributor to harmful emissions, and two-thirds of car journeys being less than 5 miles long, Swifty’s vehicles offer a clean, accessible and fun solution for urban and suburban travel.

“If we’re going to convince people to swap car journeys for micromobility, vehicles need to be safe to ride, have cargo capacity, safe battery technology and be able to be easily serviced and repaired. The GT500 is easy to ride and extremely low-cost to run. It delivers on all points.” Co-founder Camilla Iftakhar

Leading the way in battery safety

The Swifty GO is the only e-scooter to be powered by Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) a technology that recently won the company ‘Best Start-Up 2023’ at the influential Micromobility Industries Summit in the USA. LFP, the battery chemistry also used by Tesla, not only contains no harmful heavy metals like Nickel and Cobalt, but importantly, LFP is not prone to thermal runaway, making the Swifty GO battery one of the safest on the market.

The 15Ah LFP battery powers a 500W motor, can be fast-charged, and provides 25 miles of range. This makes the Swifty GO GT500 probably the cheapest mode of transport at only £0.006 per mile.

“The introduction of the SwiftyGO GT500 signifies a pivotal moment in British transportation history. We take great pride in being the first company to manufacture a road-legal e-scooter in the UK. We are confident that this milestone of innovation will influence the future of sustainable transportation, both in the UK and beyond.” Co-founder Jason Iftakhar

The GT500 is the first and only Stand-On Moped available in the UK (L1e category) and is available to pre-order now for summer delivery. 

Swifty GO GT500, price and key features