Niche Vehicle Network

“We were delighted by the feedback following our sponsorship of the Members’ Forum in January 2024. Not only were we proud to be associated with such a hugely-successful event, but it was clear from our discussions that finding suitable insurance cover (and in some cases any insurance at all) can be a real challenge for Members. Since the Forum, we’ve assisted Members with their insurance needs and have gratefully welcomed some as new M & M Underwriting Policyholders.

Building upon the success of the Members’ Forum, we are happy to announce our “Sponsor” Status with the Niche Vehicle Network, as part of our long-term ambition to support the Network & it’s Members.

Founded in 2008 we specialise in providing Product Liability insurance to UK-based manufacturers, research & development organisations and university spin-offs typically working within the Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Defence and Energy Sectors or with North American Customers.

We appreciate that many Microenterprises struggle to find adequate Product Liability insurance at affordable premiums (because the limited number of Insurers offering suitable cover typically apply high Minimum Premiums), which can inhibit their ability to attract investors, partners & customers. Our success lies in providing “London-equivalent” cover but at premiums from £2,000 plus tax.

You can contact us via our website or by clicking on our logo at

Gary Honey, Director, M&M Underwriting Limited