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CALLUM SKYE, the first own brand vehicle fully developed in-house by the British design and engineering business CALLUM, was seen in public for the first time at Concours on Savile Row, London on 22-23 May 2024. 

The pioneering, high-performance, all-wheel-drive, multi-terrain electric vehicle was announced in November 2023 to global critical acclaim. The first running prototype was uncovered on Thursday 22 May outside Edward Sexton’s store and displayed throughout the free-to-attend event that celebrates the long history that car manufacturers and tailors share.

Engineered to offer an exhilarating and rewarding driving experience both on- and off-road, SKYE has been crafted to ensure the utmost capability, refinement and beauty for discerning adventurers. As an all-electric vehicle, it’s powered by a 42kWh battery with anticipated range of 170 miles, with the option to specify an ultra-fast charging battery for full charge in under ten minutes. Measuring 4,047mm in length and 1,900mm in width, and weighing just 1,150kg, it boasts sportscar performance with 0-60mph achieved in under four seconds.

“The CALLUM SKYE is bold, beautifully engineered and crafted with refinement and craftsmanship. The same can be said for the world-leading bespoke tailoring that exists on Savile Row. We can’t wait to see and hear the reactions of event visitors who will be the first to see SKYE in person,” says David Fairbairn, managing director, CALLUM. “Compact, capable and extremely beautiful, we’re confident that this representation of the SKYE exterior will turn heads, as we invite those interested in commissioning a CALLUM SKYE to reserve their build slot.”

 Interior intention revealed

Ahead of the debut, CALLUM has shared renders of the design intention for the SKYE’s interior. The refined 2+2 enclosed cabin sets it apart in its category. A sleek, pillar-like centre console bridge featuring tactile, rotary touchscreen dials makes it easy to control the HVAC and other key features. The dashboard was designed with restraint and a focus on functionality. Its central touchscreen is set to feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Up front are two cossetting sports seats. In the rear is a bench seat suitable for children: versatile and flexible, it can be removed to create a configurable load space. With access via a hinged tailgate, the storage area is large enough to transport luggage for long weekends away, as well as a variety of sports, lifestyle and outdoor pursuit equipment.

“In order to maximise the room, it’s essential to keep the interior forms simple,” explains Ian Callum, design director, CALLUM. “The interior design intention is incredibly disciplined; we’ve edited our vision to only include necessary elements, giving the driver and passengers everything they need while avoiding wasted space. It uses clean yet sophisticated geometric shapes that complement the beautiful forms showcased on the exterior. With the elegant simplicity of the interior, we retain the honesty of SKYE being a capable and durable lifestyle vehicle, while offering a refined cabin experience.”

“Our intention is to put the CALLUM SKYE into exclusive low volume production,” says Adam Donfrancesco, engineering director, CALLUM. “Visitors to Concours on Savile Row will see our prototype developments and we’re delighted with the progress so far. It is of course an incredible undertaking to design, develop and producing your own vehicle from the ground up, but the CALLUM business – which will turn five years old in July – and its passionate team, is well-equipped for the challenge.”

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