Niche Vehicle Network

The Challenge

Heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles, PSV’s and HGV’s must all be electrified in the near future. These OEM’s are looking for production-ready systems to integrate in to their vehicles. The payload and packaging challenges faced by these manufacturers demands compact, lightweight drive systems freeing up space for batteries or fuel cells.

What did the project do?

The design utilises one motor per wheel. Each motor is mounted coaxially with the wheel and drives via a single stage epicyclic gearbox mounted in the hub. This super-efficient design saves the space, weight and friction of a differential and prop shaft.

The results

Our heavy duty electric drive axle has been completed on budget and within the weight target. It now represents a short-cut to anyone looking to electrify their heavy vehicles whether as a new build or retro-fit. The axle is production ready. We have integrated the axle in to a demonstrator vehicle based on a Dennis Eagle refuse collection vehicle. As part of the consortium effort we have developed the battery system, control strategy and ancillary integration such as electro-hydraulic power steering and electric air compressor.

Working with Hall Engineering we have created a production-ready e-axle that is a real game changer.

- Ian Strong, Portland Engineering

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