Niche Vehicle Network

Project Overview

L-category vehicles currently have uniquely low uptake in the UK, despite offering a highly efficient and convenient mode of transport. The project starting point was based on analysis that the weight and range of current e-mopeds are a potential barrier to entry. The project aimed to prove the technical and commercial feasibility of BOped, a low-weight and high-range electric L-category vehicle intended to increase accessibility of these vehicles to new rider demographics.

Feasibility Study

Through a combination of market research, design development and engineering development the study has proven the feasibility of BOped. The vehicle specification uses the inherent efficiency of a micro-mobility derived powertrain, integrated to a low weight vehicle, to target category-leading range. The convenience and commercial demand for this was demonstrated through extensive consumer research, which also identified further barriers to entry for mainstream car drivers.

The study focused not only on innovative technical solutions to weight and range targets, it also identified leading issues with the L-category and presented technical opportunities to solve these areas for car driving urban commuters.

Significant Project Outcomes

The project developed an entirely new vehicle concept for the PLV category, based on a lightweight and high-strength manufacturing philosophy and highly innovative technological integration of driver assistance. Significantly, the project generated a clear technical and design specification to prototype a category-leading PLV.

Next Steps

The next steps for BOped is the development and manufacture of a highly accurate proof of concept prototype, integrating all key technical specifications and demonstrating the potential for technology to revolutionise the rider training experience.

NVN Funding

NVN support has made the programme possible. It has allowed BOped to receive extensive engineering and design development, alongside the commercial and market feasibility research necessary to build an investment case for the product. Without NVN support, it would not be possible to justify high risk and innovation-heavy projects like BOped, even with a significant commercial opportunity.

The NVN is a funding organisation with genuine technical understanding and a love for highly innovative vehicle development. As a Niche vehicle manufacturer and supplier, the NVN is an ideal funding partner and essential part of the UK ecosystem