Niche Vehicle Network

Technology Developed

The right-sized 22 kWh battery pack is placed low down and between the seats to give excellent weight distribution, a low centre of gravity and great agility. Combined with a modern 160 kW integrated electric drive unit the package provides superb performance, fun driving characteristics and a minimum 100 mile range due to its great efficiency. Rapid charging enables a full charge to be received in just 20 minutes.

The product, now called MIKA meon e brings an exciting new edge to the niche vehicle sector with zero emissions.

With the production-ready demonstrator now complete the next step is sales and marketing.

Significant Project Outcomes

The project was fully realised with a production ready demonstrator and all tooling in place to commence production. The MIKA meon e is a total revelation to drive; agile, fast and refined with a super-stiff structure and modern sports car ride and handling combined with supercar levels of acceleration.

Future Commercial Opportunities

The MIKA meon e was launched at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023 with dozens of interested parties awaiting a test drive. Major motoring magazines are lined up to drive the car and the companies are geared to start production at the rate of one car a month rising to 4 a month over the next 24 months.

Importance of NVN Funding

“The NVN funding was critical to the timely success of this project. All partners cooperated seamlessly within the NVN supplied consortium agreement and the regular reviews gave the project the impetus to keep it 100% on target”

“Our experience of working with NVN has been entirely positive. Of course the NVN is responsible for ensuring the fair and productive distribution of government funds. The administrative overheads, checks and balances are in no way an impediment to progress but rather ensure the professional and thorough completion of the project on time and on budget.”