Niche Vehicle Network

Project Overview

Major cities across the globe introducing clean air zones, putting pressure on last mile logistics and many logistic companies have not yet found a solution which is fit-for-purpose.

This feasibility study developed the vehicle architecture, specification, BOM, a business model and an investor deck, to take the project into proof of concept.

Feasibility Study

Interviews with numerous logistic companies throughout the project have demonstrated that there is demand but a lack of suitable solutions. The project has developed an innovative platform architecture and specification which delivers the efficiencies needed by the customers, and a business model which shows that there is a credible business case for the platform and its variants. 

The first to market opportunity would establish a mobility brand in this sector, developing numerous employment opportunities in the UK, with the opportunity of expanding globally.

Significant Project Outcomes

The project built confidence in this business opportunity, that there are customers that have a significant need, and that this need could be satisfy by an efficient, reliable and trustworthy solution. A vehicle architecture and specification has been created, which is the most efficient in this sector, where efficiency is measured by cost per mile per unit volume of goods. A BOM has been developed, that is fits with our business model, and we have an investor deck which we will use for both public and private funding.

Next Steps

Conversations are now underway with potential private investors and the project continues to seek public funding to progress to proof of concept.

NVN Funding

“The NVN funding and support has been the catalyst to start the project, it has enabled us to move fast through the various phases of the project, including in-depth market research, initial concepts, platform architecture, vehicle specification and a BOM, a business model and investor deck. The project has given us confidence in this business opportunity, that there are customers that have a significant need, and that we will be able to satisfy that need by creating the most efficient electric last mile delivery vehicle in this sector of the market.”

“Working on NVN funded projects has developed tangible value for our Company: developing IP, helping to create new business opportunities, creating strong relationships between the different partners in the consortia and helping to create and secure jobs.”