Niche Vehicle Network

The Challenge

The opportunity to undertake the project originated from the launch of the SWIND E Classic Mini, after which Swindon Powertrain received significant interest from a range of potential consumers including low-volume OEMs, specialist vehicle manufacturers, electric vehicle conversion companies and even individuals wishing to convert their own vehicles.

What did the project do?

The HPD E Powertrain is an extremely compact and lightweight electric powertrain product that provides consumers with a turn-key solution for their vehicle electrification needs.

The Results

The Production Readiness project has resulted in the successful design, manufacture, assembly and end-of-line testing of x6 off, fully functional HPD E Powertrain systems. In addition, the project has resulted in the manufacture of a complete set of production, testing and assembly tooling, jigs & fixtures, which will facilitate the low to medium-volume production output of the HPD E Powertrain system required to meet market demand.