Niche Vehicle Network

The challenge

Currently there is no product available that offers a lightweight cost effective, energy system for vehicle converters and Niche manufacturers of lightweight EV vehicles, particularly Motorcycles. A portable, hot-swappable battery system which could be configured to any existing or new vehicle chassis would allow manufacturers and converters to best utilise the available space envelopes and achieve the maximum energy capacity possible – without the need to develop their own expensive, high-volume solution.

What did the project do?

A 20-off batch of prototypes has been designed, the design validated, procured and assembled together with a detailed costed BOM.

Repeated electrical load testing has been completed both to refine the design of the overall PowerPOD and to validate the Battery Management System software & hardware design.

2-off EV bike demonstrators have been built with PowerPODs and demonstrated to potential customers for both the PowerPOD concept and also the integration within a motorbike

The results

High energy density modules have been created which allow customisable integration into vehicle platforms across multiple sectors to suit wide-ranges of price, power and range requirements. PowerPODs can safely be swapped in less than 10 seconds negating the need for on board charging and bulky and costly active cooling strategies. PowerPODs can also be used as portable power sources off the vehicle serving a range of power requirements. A lightweight offroad motorcycle has been manufactured for function and durability testing.