Niche Vehicle Network

The challenge

Having already proven the RIFT 10 kW e-motor for implementation in small utility vehicles, market pull was experienced for a higher-powered, scaled-up iteration of the design that offered equivalent commercial advantages for the much bigger market opportunities of large utility vehicles and small passenger cars.

What did the project do?

The RIFT64 design utilises an array of X24 compact, low-cost electric motors in combination produce a 64 kW continuous to 120 kW peak output, torque from 0-490 mN.m and up to 10,000 RPM. This is achieved from a single gearbox with each motor driven separately to provide 1/24 torque.

This design offers performance and efficiency advantages over competitor e-motors while being significantly lower cost to manufacture, lower weight and using vastly fewer rare-earth materials.

The results

Collaborating with first-adopter Bradshaw and supplier Motion Control Products, the Proof of Concept project has accelerated RIFT64 from TRL3 up to TRL6 and from MRL1 to MRL4. Two PoC RIFT64 drive train systems were produced that have been used to support ongoing development and testing as well as enabling TRL6 demonstration in a Bradshaw UK niche vehicle.

Working closely with the consortium, we have developed a game changing market solution. Relying largely on a UK based supply chain and with a low reliance on rare earth materials has potential to significantly enable the governments roadmap to net-zero.

- James O’Donnell, lead partner – RIFT Technology