Niche Vehicle Network

Early Stage R&D / 2021

Adaptable EV Conversion Kit


This early-stage R&D project will develop an adaptable Electric Vehicle conversion kit, designed to fulfil the requirements of specialist converters of ICE vehicles. It will also provide a suitable solution for new build vehicles including the G40-R EV. The project will build on the innovative PowerPod Battery Pack Production readiness project completed by Brace Technology and scale up the technology from its original intended use within motorbikes and small L-Cat vehicles. Ginetta Cars will bring their expertise in vehicle design and development aside Raceway Motorsport’s manufacturing and testing expertise for the vehicle conversion.

Early Stage R&D / 2021

FlexiMod: Highly Flexible Battery Module for Black Cab EV Retrofit and Other Niche Vehicles


A highly flexible, liquid-cooled battery module shall be created that supports multiple series-parallel configurations for a wide range of niche vehicle applications. The first shall be a working prototype of an affordable, fully electric retrofit for the TX4 taxi, using British-made cells, BMS and HV junction box. The vehicle shall have >50kW rapid charging capability and a range of 120+ miles per charge. Chassis reuse mitigates approximately 10 tonnes of CO2, whilst performance shall exceed that of today’s market-leading plug-in hackney carriages. A 58% reduction in purchase cost vs a new vehicle shall enable more drivers to electrify their taxi.

Early Stage R&D / 2021

High strength low density material integration into an EV Battery


A skilled team consisting of Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation in Rochdale, Far-UK, Engenuity and Great British Sports Cars are applying novel syntactic composite materials to a niche automotive electric vehicle (EV) application. A dual role assembly to form a battery enclosure, and the front-end structure of a sports car will be developed by creation of a suitable material system, precise material characterisation, and finite element analysis optimisation for minimum mass. Significant weight savings over a conventional separate metallic chassis and battery housing arrangement will lead to vehicle range improvements, rationalisation of part count and subsequently lowering of overall manufacturing costs.

Early Stage R&D / 2021

Development of transaxle powertrain for electric pedal-assist quadricycle.


E-cargo trikes and quadricycles designed primarily as last mile delivery vehicles, utilise standard e-bike powertrain components, combined creatively. However, these components were not designed for these heavier duty applications, where durability is paramount.

This project will establish the technical and commercial feasibility of a fully integrated transaxle powertrain for EAV’s electric pedal-assist cargo quadricycle.

A prototype vehicle will be built, based on Intra Drive’s innovative 8 speed gearbox & motor unit, with increased motor torque, and modified to incorporate a differential. A transaxle arrangement simplifies installation, and reduces maintenance/OPEX: making ultra-low carbon transport more affordable and dependable.