Niche Vehicle Network

Production Readiness / 2019

11 Tonne Electric Drive Axle


We designed, built and tested a sophisticated electric axle for Dennis Eagle's prototype UV Plugin Hybrid vehicle. After this successful project, Hall Engineering And Design Ltd want to team up with Portland Engineering and EVParts UK Ltd to move this prototype technology towards production reality. The axle has integrated motors, inverters and hub reduction gearing. The main focus will be on simplification and cost reduction to make this axle technology viable for niche manufacturers such as DE. Dennis Eagle are gifting us a donor vehicle to demonstrate the axle on

Production Readiness / 2019

High Power Density E Powertrain


Between September 2017 and February 2018, Swindon Powertrain led the extremely successful proof of concept project NV17-PC128, E Classic - electrification of a Mini.

We now wish to bring its E powertrain, an extremely compact unit with a very competitive ratio power / cost , to production, with a widened commercial scope, also covering light commercial, recreational and niche manufacturers vehicles.

In order to achieve this we are bringing Swindon's overall powertrain expertise together with iNetic's electric motor manufacturing know how and Code Automotive's specific transmission design consultancy experience.

Production Readiness / 2019



A true titanium wheel with carbonfibre barrel for automotive applications. Manufactured using two NVN developed low cost, low carbon technologies. Comparable manufacturing costs to that of conventional aluminium performance wheels.

By combining the high strength of the titanium with the low mass of carbon fibre the benefits are real performance and fuel economy / range extension, a 50% reduction in inertia and the opportunity to improve overall vehicle efficiency by between 3% and 5%.

The wheel will be a UK manufactured product with a production run of circa 8000 units per year, being available worldwide to OEMs and aftermarket consumers.

Production Readiness / 2019

RIFT (Reduced Induction Field Torque Drive) A novel electric motor configuration that reduces the material and manufacturing cost of electric motors by up to 80%.


The “RIFT” EV motor is an innovative approach to an ultra-efficient electric drive, bringing forward a unique range of advantages including, significant weight reduction (circa 50%), lower cost and that results in a range increase of up to 75%, plus other benefits.

The consortium of RIFT, MCP and Bradshaw bring together innovation, production expertise, customer knowledge and route to market. This leads to a strong project to improve the production readiness of the RIFT Motor for the automotive sector and is intended to establish a lasting commercial relationship between the parties.

Production Readiness / 2019

Ariel Lightweight Electric Cycle 2 (ALEC 2)


The project will take the successful output of the 2018 ALEC technology transfer project and progress the machine toward production readiness.

The Partners will apply latest automotive motor, battery system, inverter and control technology to deliver a step change in Pedelec integration and rider controls. Advanced automotive jointing, bonding and mixed material production technology will provide lower weight, improve ride quality and deliver UK based cost down manufacturing.

The project will utilise these technology and design benefits to deliver an integrated electrified cycle that delivers a 40% weight reduction over industry standards, increasing consumer appeal, experience, performance and range.