Niche Vehicle Network

Proof of Concept / 2019

Project 356


Project 356 will build upon the SEV and Faraday Challenge battery case feasibility studies to deliver a proof of concept prototype vehicle, demonstrating a step change in electric vehicle platform accessibility for niche vehicle manufacturers across passenger, sportscar and commercial vehicle sectors.

The partners will design, manufacture and demonstrate an integrated chassis platform, utilising battery modules and drivetrain components sourced from Nissan, which will eliminate the requirement for a stand-alone battery enclosure. The chassis and electrical platform will be flexible and scalable to meet wide ranging requirements for multiple vehicle types, demonstrated on a passenger vehicle application in this project.

Proof of Concept / 2019

ALECS, “Articulating Lightweight Electric Cargo Solution”


ALECS is an NVN Proof of Concept project that will produce an innovative and lightweight last mile delivery e-trike. Project partners are Pashley Cycles (project lead and vehicle demonstration), Simpact (engineering consultancy and suspension specialists) and Reynolds (specialists in the supply of lightweight tubing). Low overall mass and articulating chassis will be achieved using lightweight materials and novel suspension technology. The concept will be demonstrated in the delivery livery of our observer partner, Serco. The developed concept will deliver a safe, zero emission, efficient last mile delivery vehicle and on a configurable multi-function platform, opening up a significant market opportunity.

Production Readiness / 2019

Ariel Lightweight Electric Cycle 2 (ALEC 2)


The project will take the successful output of the 2018 ALEC technology transfer project and progress the machine toward production readiness.

The Partners will apply latest automotive motor, battery system, inverter and control technology to deliver a step change in Pedelec integration and rider controls. Advanced automotive jointing, bonding and mixed material production technology will provide lower weight, improve ride quality and deliver UK based cost down manufacturing.

The project will utilise these technology and design benefits to deliver an integrated electrified cycle that delivers a 40% weight reduction over industry standards, increasing consumer appeal, experience, performance and range.

Proof of Concept / 2019

Cargo POD


Following a commercial feasibility study with Emirates Airline,Westfield have created,with Heathrow/ZapGo,a specification/design for an electric inwheel powered autonomous cargo pod that is able to take aircraft akes(baggage containers) and ULDs (Unit Loading Device containers)all using the same self powered platform.This will decrease the emissions airside(Currently using red diesel),reduce delays at airports by automating the landside to airside security check and increase utilisation of vehicles by minimising charging time using an advanced carbon ion hybrid power plant and fast charge system.The vehicle will be equipped with an AI control system that will optimise the use of Lithium and Carbon Ion power.