Niche Vehicle Network

Production Readiness Fast Track / 2020



A range extending and performance enhancing lightweight wheel for small to medium sized electric vehicles. Lightweight composite wheels have, until now, been reserved for high-end luxury or performance sports cars. ACRIM II will buck this trend. Reducing rotating and unsprung mass has a measurable and significant impact on the efficiency and performance of a vehicle. The use of innovative preforming technologies, advanced material systems and process automation ensures scalability and cost reduction for production volumes. By utilising a novel modular construction, multiple wheel stylings can be realised with minimal NRE. ACRIM II demonstrates the future of ultra-lightweight automotive wheels

Production Readiness Fast Track / 2020

ALECS - Articulated Lightweight Electric Cargo Solution


Preparing the innovative and lightweight last mile delivery e-trike designed under the ALECS PoC project for production. The resulting product will deliver a safe, zero emission, efficient last mile delivery vehicle with a configurable multi-function platform, creating a significant market opportunity.

Project partners are Pashley Cycles (project lead and vehicle manufacturing), Simpact Engineering (engineering consultancy and product-development specialists), the UoW (manufacturing control, visualisation and low carbon specialists) and Foresight Innovations (Lightweight cargo loadspace specialists). Supply-chain subcontractors include Reynolds and Omnia-CS. Serco, the provider of mobility projects nationally and Zedify, a leading UK cargo e-trike delivery business, will be observers.