Niche Vehicle Network

Late Stage R&D / 2021

Moke Low Cost Lightweight Sustainable Body


MOKE International is a UK Company that has been manufacturing virtually the same vehicle for over 60 years - that is about to change!

MOKE, with its partners, will develop a new MOKE vehicle utilising the world's most cutting edge materials used in the niche vehicle segment to create a class leading sustainable, safe and light weight monocoque used across new Electric M1 and L7 variants.

This exciting program is the continuation of a whole vehicle redesign that will deliver a next generation MOKE capable of being the foundation on which the companies continuing journey can be built.

Late Stage R&D / 2021



RIFT64 is a 64-120kW traction motor development that expands on our existing 10-30kW motor development to bring to market a high-powered, ultra-efficient e-motor with the advantages of significant weight reduction; lower cost; and energy efficiencies that result in many benefits.

The consortium of RIFT Technology, Westfield and SDE brings together innovation, production expertise, customer knowledge and route to market leading to a strong project that proves the concept of the RIFT64 e-motor as suitable for on-road EV’s.

This project represents an organisational pivot for RIFT to focus on on-road vehicles for the first time in company history.

Late Stage R&D / 2021

Boscoot Late Stage R&D


Building on work completed with Collins Ltd and Pure Electric for the highly successful NVN Proof of Concept, Chester32 has constructed a diverse consortium and Late Stage R&D programme to deliver the UK’s first premium electric scooter product.

Boscoot is an ambitious project developing a premium zero-emission urban transport solution. The addition of Airborne and Beeline to the project brings specific expertise essential for the progression to pre-production design and manufacturing analysis.

The project outcome will be development of innovative technical advancements which improve the safety, performance and resultant desirability of the e-scooter form factor.